Pursuit Ergonomic Chair Unboxing and Build
By Kyle Bennett   December 01, 2017
This time we are going to be reviewing an office chair that might not be on the "gaming" chair radar. The looks and price of the chair grabbed my attention so we reached out to folks and they sent one over for review. Priced at $330, this looks like it might be a chair that holds a lot of value.
Nitro Concepts S300 Gaming Chair Review
By Kyle Bennett   November 30, 2017
Nitro Concepts is a new name in gaming chairs here in North America, but the company does have a somewhat of a good pedigree. Today we are reviewing the first Nitro Concepts chair available in USA, the S300. The S300 is a more cost conscious chair, but still carries with it a German engineered design.
noblechairs ICON Series Desk Chair Review
By Kyle Bennett   October 26, 2017
While our previous reviews have been of "gaming" chairs, we today move to a more sophisticated take on your computer furniture needs with the noblechairs ICON series seating. This chair is described by the maker as being in the luxury category but carries with it a sub-$400 price tag.
Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Review
By Kyle Bennett   August 02, 2017
This is our second foray into evaluating "gaming furniture." This time we spend a couple months with the Arozzi Gaming Chair. This fine looking specimen has been full of surprises. The Arozzi Vernazza is the "new top-of-the-line model featuring all the latest innovations from Arozzi’s Swedish design team."
Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Unboxing & Assembly
By Kyle Bennett   May 25, 2017
We continue on in our hunt for the perfect Gaming Chair given how much interest we got from readers last time! This time we are unboxing and showing the full assembly process of the Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair supplied to us by Champ Chairs. We will use it for a month and then report back to you with the full review.
Vertagear Triigger 350 Special Edition Gaming Chair Review
By Kyle Bennett   May 19, 2017
What happens when you rope yourself in to doing a gaming chair review? You take your time, do it right, and make sure your butt spends at least a few months in the chair before you write your review. My butt has been in the VertaGear Triigger 350 Gaming Chair for over 3 months, and here are my thoughts.
Steam - Big Data, Crowdsourcing, Explorers, & Curators
By cageymaru   April 04, 2017
Have you ever used Steam to shop for a new game, when you did not know exactly what you wanted to buy, and found its way of organizing and sharing information with you a bit archaic? Me too! John Bain, aka TotalBiscuit is Steam's top "curator," and he has some information on changes coming to Steam, hopefully soon.
Corsair Lapdog - Gaming without a Desk
By Kyle Bennett   June 28, 2016
Corsair recently launched its new Lapdog product and to put it simply it let's you game without a desktop. Its focus is "living room gaming" with the new Corsair Bulldog living room gaming system. While this out of our usual scope, and there are not data points to be collected, we like using it.
SilverStone Reversible Phone Charging & Data Cord
By Kyle Bennett   March 22, 2016
While this product is not in our wheelhouse when it comes to hardware reviews, it does come from a company that you are likely very familiar with, SilverStone. If you have a Smart phone, and you have to charge it, you might want to give this a read.
Amazon Prime Unlimited Photo Storage
By Kyle Bennett   November 05, 2014
This is not our usual subject matter, at all. But surely there are a lot of HardOCP readers that are also Amazon Prime members and a lot of us like a good deal. So is Amazon Prime's new free photo storage up to what us [H]'ers would expect. When it is too good to be true is it always too good to be true?
Cooler Master CM Storm QuickFire XT Keyboard Review
By Earl Keim   April 10, 2014
Cooler Master refreshes its Quick Fire line of keyboards with a full size version that features a conservative, low profile appearance. With a choice of four different Cherry MX key switches, we definitely think there is something to be found here for even the most discerning keyboard enthusiast.
Topre Type Heaven Keyboard Review
By Earl Keim   December 18, 2013
Topre's newest keyboard features a conservative appearance and a standard 104-key keyboard design. The product's custom capacitive key switches are said to provide an extraordinary typing experience and a lengthy product life. If these claims are true, perhaps this keyboard will make its way to your desktop, regardless of its healthy price.
Corsair Vengeance K60 Keyboard and M60 Mouse Review
By Earl Keim   May 16, 2012
Corsair continues to expand its line of Vengeance-branded gaming peripherals with the addition of two new keyboards and two new mice. Today, we evaluate the two products optimized for first person shooters: the Vengeanceآ® K60 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and the Vengeanceآ® K60 Laser Gaming Mouse.
Inside the Mind of Stuart
By Kyle Bennett   May 08, 2012
Twelve years ago an [H]'er by the name of Mark blessed us with the series of stories you will find cleaned up a bit and published once again here today. Tech based humor directly from "that guy" that we have all run into at least once. It has been a while since we have shared Inside the Mind of Stuart, and we hope you enjoy it again or for the first time.
Patriot Memory PBO Alpine Media Player Review
By HardOCP News   February 24, 2012
On the heels of its Box Office success, Patriot Memory has a brand new HD media player coming to market that is powered by an ARM926 processor and running Android 2.2. Could the PBO Alpine the next edition to your HD home entertainment experience? With a tremendous feature set inside a tiny footprint, we think it is worthy.
Pivos AIOS HD Media Player Review
By HardOCP News   December 26, 2011
HardOCP readers have been building and placing PCs in their living rooms for many years now to serve up entertainment media. Manufacturers have been trying to push into this market for some time now with some success. Today we see a new media unit from Pivos and see how it works out.
Euclideon & Unlimited Detail - Bruce Dell Interview
By Kyle Bennett   August 10, 2011
Euclideon has come under fire for its Unlimited Detail Technology claims once again. Instead of sitting around discussing it among ourselves, we sent John Gatt to Brisbane, Australia to talk to the man himself with Euclideon, Bruce Dell. We show you the demo running in real time with hardware specs and answer a lot of questions, all in video.
AMD [H]ardOCP Texas GamExperience
By Kyle Bennett   July 20, 2011
AMD and HardOCP got together this past weekend in Dallas to put together an event that was focused on giving back to the enthusiast computer hardware community that has given so much to us.
E3 Rumors on Next Generation Console Hardware
By Kyle Bennett   July 07, 2011
Guys talk, you hear things. And at this year's E3 HardOCP picked up a lot of information about the upcoming hardware in the next generation consoles. It will be interesting to see if our rumor mill churns up truth or fiction. We wanted to get this out the week after E3, but we had some I's to dot and some T's to cross.
Patriot Memory's Box Office Media Player Review
By Kyle Bennett   December 29, 2009
Looking for the perfect "enthusiast" media box for your living room? The Box Office from Patriot Memory may be about as close as it gets. The only thing not included is an eye patch and a Jolly Roger.
GUNNAR Optiks Digital Performance Eyewear
By HardOCP News   June 19, 2009
Who is GUNNAR Optiks? What is Digital Performance Eyewear? Why should you care? Is it all a load marketing BS or do these glasses really work? We put them on, left them on, and three [H] editors are here to share our experiences.
Your Mail in Rebate May Be In Jeopardy
By Kyle Bennett   November 13, 2008
If you use mail in rebates for virtually any product in North America, you will want to read up on this and start making sure your money is safe.
Western Digital VelociRaptor Showcase
By Kyle Bennett   April 21, 2008
Many hard drive enthusiasts have been waiting for the next in the Western Digital Raptor series of storage. Today we have a quick look at the VelociRaptor. A 300GB hard drive that is sort of crazy, but aimed at being really cool.
Our Powermonkey Experiences
By Kyle Bennett   January 26, 2008
Stuck in the back of a cab or at the airport or in a client's office with a dead phone or PDA? Power Monkey swoops in to the rescue by charging up just about any mobile device you have with you. And a solar panel for the tree huggers too!