Corsair VX550W vs. Corsair HX520W
By Paul Johnson   December 04, 2007
We know Corsair's mid-range power supplies are some of the best in the industry, but what if we put their PSUs head to head? If you are set on a Corsair PSU, you will want to check this out. Which is the best 500w+ PSU for you?
Corsair TX750W Power Supply
By Paul Johnson   October 16, 2007
Corsair has enjoyed a reputation for over-building their computer power supplies while offering them at a price that affords the enthusiast a good value. Is their new flagship 750w unit of the same quality? An 850w PSU in sheep's clothing?
Corsair VX450W Power Supply
By Paul Johnson   August 14, 2007
Corsair has made a name for themselves when it comes to mid-powered computer PSUs, and now they aim to bring that quality to a fully different market and price range. Is their new 450 watt unit able to reach the watermark set by their previous products?
Corsair HX620 620w Power Supply
By Paul Johnson   March 15, 2007
What happens when you put Corsairآ’s 620w power supply in an oven as hot as your computer case and then see how it works? If you are looking for a new PSU, put Corsair's on your short list.