FSP Windale 6 CPU Air Cooler Review
By Marc Adams   June 19, 2017
FSP is a very new brand when it comes to CPU air coolers and is entering a market that is highly competitive and seeded with others that have been designing air coolers for quite some time. Its Windale 6 cooler features six direct contact heatpipes, a 120mm fan, and what FSP says is an "optimized fin design." But does it cool?
Scythe Mugen 5 CPU Air Cooler Review
By Marc Adams   June 01, 2017
The Mugen 5 is one of the larger CPU air coolers you will find on the market, and with that is has an "asymmetric design for maximum memory compatibility," so it does not extend deep into DIMM territory. The polished copper baseplate, as well as the rest of the HSF is nickel plated. Also we have a newly engineered mounting mechanism.
NZXT Kraken X62 All-in-One CPU Liquid Cooler Review
By Marc Adams   May 10, 2017
With today's NZXT Kraken review we step up the performance ladder and review its X62 model AIO CPU Cooler. As NZXT spells out on it website, and it is not modest about it, saying that the new Kraken series "have been redesigned to bring you the greatest experience in liquid cooling, all backed by an industry-leading 6-year warranty."
Corsair Crystal 460X RGB Compact ATX Mid-Tower Case
By Mike Hermon   May 04, 2017
What do you do when a window just isn't enough? Corsair believes they have the answer in the Crystal 460X RGB case. The front and side are made of tempered glass giving you the ability to show off your pride and joy. Is it more than just a pretty face? Can the Crystal 460X RGB make a PC enthusiast happy?
NZXT Kraken X52 All-In-One CPU Liquid Cooler Review
By Marc Adams   April 25, 2017
NZXT has been stepping up its cooling game this year, and the Kraken X52 All-In-One represents its "in between" liquid CPU cooler model for those cases with somewhat limited space for the radiator. The Kraken X52 comes with a healthy feature set that has most of the bells and whistles that are needed to make it competitive.
Thermalright True Spirit 140 Direct CPU Air Cooler
By Marc Adams   April 19, 2017
Thermalright has been laying low in the USA for the last few years, actually almost 5 years the way we see it. The True Spirit 120 was an inexpensive Titan when it came to cooling hot CPUs. Thermalright's legacy is extended today with the True Spirit 140 Direct, is it worthy of the "True Spirit" name and your hard earned dollar?
NZXT Kraken X42 All-In-One CPU Liquid Cooler Review
By Marc Adams   March 06, 2017
The new NZXT Kraken X42 is its new "entry level" All-In-One CPU liquid cooler. The Kraken series is not new to us, but NZXT makes a lot of claims about this cooler being better in many ways, and of course has all kinds of cool RGB LED lights built into it. But all of this comes a price. Does it keep your CPU cooler while overclocking?
LEPA NEOllusion RGB CPU Air Cooler Review
By Marc Adams   February 23, 2017
LEPA comes to us today with a new air cooler that is specifically focused on users that are looking for a little more bling inside their desktop computer build. And while really cool lights may or may not be your thing, we wanted to see just how the NEOllusion performed when it comes to its primary function, CPU cooling.
Reeven Okeanos RC-1402 CPU Air Cooler Review
By Marc Adams   February 14, 2017
The Reeven Okeanos RC-1402 is not exactly a new CPU air cooler, but it is not widely available in the United States so it has not gotten a lot of coverage in North America. The cost for the cooler is not low, and two staggered-sized fans are included in the box, so we have fairly high performance expectations for this twin tower cooler.
Scythe FUMA SCFM-1000 Twin Tower CPU Air Cooler
By Marc Adams   January 12, 2017
Scythe has a history of building CPU air coolers that not only perform well, but are also are a value in terms of your hard earned money. The FUMA cooler is built with the PC hardware enthusiast in mind and sports multiple fan configurations and comes supplied with two fans so you do not have any added cost.
Streacom DB4 Fanless Aluminum Chassis Review
By Steve Lynch   January 06, 2017
This case review is for all of you mini-ITX system builders out there that may be looking for something a bit different than the normal case....that looks like a computer case. The Streacom DB4 fanless chassis may be exactly the HTPC case that will grace your living room....with grace.
Thermaltake Tower 900 Vertical Super Tower Chassis Review
By Steve Lynch   December 04, 2016
It's a tower and it's super! Thermaltake's new Tower 900 is not close to your typical PC computer enclosure. It is built for a very specific customer; the enthusiast that wants plenty of room to do highly customized build and then have the ability to easily show it off is the target demographic for this chassis.
Anidees AI Crystal Mid-Tower Case Review
By Steve Lynch   November 07, 2016
Anidees tells us, "It's not just a case with glass side panel." Fair enough, and most enthusiasts know they either want to be able to peek inside and feel the satisfaction of their handiwork. Assuredly though, now days you need more features than just a glass door to satisfy system builders.
Corsair Carbide Series AIR 740 Cube Case Review
By Steve Lynch   October 10, 2016
Corsair is back with another cube type case this time in its Carbide AIR series. The model AIR 740 is a big steel case that has a big footprint, and along with that comes a spacious interior that will lend itself to just about any amount of hardware you want to install and Corsair has its sights set on excellent cooling for all that hardware.
Enermax ETS-T50 Axe CPU Air Cooler Review
By Marc Adams   September 29, 2016
Enermax keeps up its onslaught of CPU air cooler designs today with a tower cooler that uses five direct touch heatpipes to move all those BTUs. It has LED lighted fans along with a stealthy black exterior. Interestingly, Enermax has included a ducting system on the back in order to hopefully help better exhaust all that hot air from your CPU.
Thermaltake Core P3 Wall-Mounted Chassis Review
By Steve Lynch   September 12, 2016
The Thermaltake Core P3 chassis can be mounted standing, in a desktop orientation, or directly to the wall. The open design allows you to see all the components in your system easily and the wall-mount option allows you to place your system in view like a work of art. All of these options come in at an easy-on-the-wallet price as well.
Alphacool Eisbaer 240 CPU AIO Cooler Review
By Marc Adams   September 08, 2016
The Alphacool Eisbaer series of AIO CPU coolers are one of the units that spearheaded the non-sealed liquid cooling systems that are becoming popular. This means adding coolant and expanded the loop if you need to. Alphacool has configured its kit in a very smart way as well that will make sense to enthusiasts.
Thermaltake Core P100 Pedestal Extension Review
By Steve Lynch   August 19, 2016
The Thermaltake Core P100 Pedestal is an expansion part for the Thermaltake W100 full tower case previously reviewed here. What the P100 does is give you the ability to expand you cooling system's ability or give you space for extra storage among other things into an entirely self-contained unit below the W100 chassis.
Reeven Justice 120mm CPU Air Cooler Review
By Marc Adams   July 18, 2016
Reeven is the new kid on the block, and is attempting to break into the CPU cooling market here in North America. Without a doubt that is a tall order considering just how crowded that space is. The Justice however looks to have what it takes to be a great CPU air cooler, but it all about temperatures, noise, and install when it comes to value.
Streacom FC9 Alpha Fanless Chassis Review
By Steve Lynch   July 06, 2016
There are more than a few enthusiasts that have been experimenting with the "smaller and quiet is better" end of the computing spectrum the last few years, and because of this more companies are delivering mini-ITX and micro-ITX cases. Streacom is one of those companies looking to shrink the footprint and banish the sound.
SilverStone Argon Series AR08 CPU Air Cooler Review
By Marc Adams   June 14, 2016
SilverStone's Argon Series AR08 looks to address those building a budget mid-level computer that balances performance and budget. It does however bring some enthusiast features with it like direct contact heatpipes, a 92mm PWM "diamond edged" fan, and noise dampening technologies.
Phanteks ENTHOO EVOLV ITX Computer Case Review
By Steve Lynch   June 09, 2016
Little computer cases have gotten to be big business since the motherboard companies started building enthusiast featured mini-ITX motherboards. Phanteks' new EVOLV ITX case is not so little however as it is keeping in mind that users may want room to build their own water cooling loops or need room for a couple of AIO coolers.
SilverStone Argon Series AR07 CPU Air Cooler Review
By Marc Adams   May 12, 2016
The Argon Series AR07 CPU air cooler is billed by Silverstone as being, "For users looking for a no-nonsense top performing cooler without the premium price, the Argon AR07 is the perfect choice." Three heatpipes, some fins, and a 140mm fan is no-nonsense in our book, so how does it cool?
Corsair H80i v2 High Perf Liquid CPU Cooler Review
By Marc Adams   April 25, 2016
Corsair's original All-In-One H80i was a great CPU cooling unit, so we have high hopes for the H80i version 2. Push / Pull two-speed PWM fans come stock with this kit's newly designed water block and tubing configuration. We also have a new 49mm radiator and Corsair has some cosmetic updates as well that make this AIO very good looking.