Microsoft Introduces the HoloLens 2: Twice the View for $3,500

Posted by Megalith 12:30 PM (CST)

Sunday February 24, 2019

Microsoft has returned with a new iteration of the HoloLens, the company’s mixed-reality headset effort. Available for preorder now and shipping later this year, the $3,500 sequel improves upon its 2016 predecessor with 2K displays offering a 52-degree FOV, eye-tracking sensors, and better comfort. It also features superior battery life, having switched out Intel’s Cherry Trail parts for an ARM-based Qualcomm Snapdragon 850.

We have more than doubled the field of view in HoloLens 2, while maintaining the industry-leading holographic density of 47 pixels per degree of sight. HoloLens 2 contains a new display system that enables us to achieve these significant advances in performance at low power. We have also completely refreshed the way you interact with holograms in HoloLens 2. Taking advantage of our new time-of-flight depth sensor, combined with built-in AI and semantic understanding, HoloLens 2 enables direct manipulation of holograms with the same instinctual gestures you use to interact with physical objects in the real world.