Obsidian Reveals Outer Worlds Combat Details

Posted by alphaatlas 10:35 AM (CST)

Tuesday February 12, 2019

As part of their exclusive coverage on Obsidian's big upcoming RPG, The Outer Worlds, Game Informer just posted a video showcasing the game's combat system. While they immediately point out that The Outer Worlds is an RPG first and foremost, the developers say they want the combat to be "fun." True to their previous claims, the gunplay largely resembles Fallout New Vegas, as there doesn't appear to be a dedicated cover system, and the game includes "tactical time-dilation" that strongly resembles VATS. Meanwhile, the Borderland-esque gun brands each have their own strengths and quirks, and the companions and branching skill trees resemble Obsidian's older RPGs.

For the video above, we spoke with the game's co-director Tim Cain and lead designer Charles Staples about their approach to combat. The team started out with Fallout: New Vegas as the "touchstone game," but soon deviated by adding things like companion commands and a slow-motion option called "tactical time-dilation". Watch the interview to see plenty of new combat gameplay and learn how the team at Obsidian balanced shooting action with RPG elements.