India Antitrust Commission is "Looking Into" Google Accusations

Posted by alphaatlas 11:06 AM (CST)

Tuesday February 12, 2019

After a long investigation, Google was slapped with a $5 billion dollar fine from the European Union over anti-competitive practices last year. Now, according to a recent report from Reuters, the same thing might be happening in India. One of Reuters' four sources "with direct knowledge of the matter" said this investigation "Is on the lines of the EU case, but at a preliminary stage." The publication mentions that Google got hit with a relatively meager $19 million dollar fine for "search bias" in India, but that Google appealed the casing, saying it could "cause it 'irreparable' harm and reputational loss." In other words, Google might be worried about more than just the fine in this particular investigation. A separate report said that activists are calling on the Indian government to summon the heads of various tech companies, which certainly wouldn't help their reputation in the country either.

"The CCI will have a tough time not initiating a formal investigation into Google given the EU case, unless they can show the problem has been addressed (by remedies)," one of the sources said.