Apex Legends Performance Tested

Posted by alphaatlas 8:59 AM (CST)

Monday February 11, 2019

For a game that wasn't even announced until the day it launched, Apex Legends is doing very well. As EA pointed out last week, the game has already breached 1 million concurrent players, though they didn't break down the split between PC and Consoles. Yesterday, Digital Foundry put Respawn's newest title under their microscope, and analyzed the performance of the Source Engine game on the PC and the current generation consoles. Console performance in particular is hard to pin down, as the dynamic resolution system tends to keep the game locked around 60 FPS. But on the PC, they found that even the RTX 2080 TI can't sustain 60fps at 4K with max settings without dynamic resolution enabled, but still looks great with it turned on, while the relatively dimunitive Ryzen 3 2200G can still run the game at 60 FPS. Check out the analysis below:

Establishing the upper and lower bounds for DRS is challenging, but taking PlayStation 4 Pro as an example, Titanfall 2 seemed to operate mostly in a 1080p to 1440p range. We think that the upper bounds is similar for Apex Legends, but resolution tends spend more time in the 1080p area and we've even seen the 'supercharged PS4' hit 900p too. Xbox One X follows the same principles but offers a step up, spending more time in 1296p territory, while also delivering extended draw distance. As expected, the base consoles take a further hit, to the point where we've even noted resolutions as low as 720p on the PlayStation 4 and 648p on Xbox One... Visually, Apex Legends is a triumph of smart art direction over technology. The enhanced Source Engine here does feel pushed to its limits bearing in mind its hardware requirements, but the geometric density of the world, the quality of the artwork (in particular materials) looks great.