Mozilla Adding Cryptomining and Fingerprint Blocking to Firefox

Posted by Megalith 3:50 PM (CST)

Sunday February 10, 2019

Addressing a bug update, Mozilla has uploaded a new mock-up of Firefox’s Content Blocking menu, which includes options for blocking both "cryptominers" and "fingerprinters." This capability was hinted at way back in May, but it appears the fruits of Mozilla’s efforts are finally coming to light. Bleeping Computer suspects it will debut with Firefox 67.

Currently, it is not known when these features will go live in Firefox, but at least part of it has begun to be seen in a Firefox 66.0a1 build as shown by a recent source code revision. This revision shows that two about:config settings named "privacy.trackingprotection.fingerprinting.enabled" and "privacy.trackingprotection.cryptomining.enabled" are available and enabled by default.