"Captain Marvel" '90s-Style Website Will Have You Nostalgic for Dial-Up

Posted by Megalith 11:30 AM (CST)

Sunday February 10, 2019

HTML frames, Comic Sans, and vintage GIFs: being that Captain Marvel predominately takes place during the ‘90s, Marvel had the clever idea of advertising their latest flick with an official website that takes visitors back to the GeoCities era. It’s pretty accurate, down to the guestbook (filled with ‘90s references such as the dancing baby) and "Kree Player," a take on the old Real Player. Of course, WB’s Space Jam site from 1996 is still alive and kicking for those who desire authentic nostalgia.

The Captain Marvel webpage throwback is a really cool way to promote the movie, which also gives younger Marvel Cinematic Universe fans a chance to see what the internet looked like back in the day. Sites like the internet Wayback Machine can take users back to the old days, but a lot of images are usually broken, preventing from the true experience of dial-up internet. The only thing that could have made the Captain Marvel site even better is slow page loading, just to give it a real touch of what it was like surfing the net in the dark ages.