Asus GPU Tweak II's "Ad" is Really an Overlay

Posted by alphaatlas 9:07 PM (CST)

Monday February 04, 2019

Earlier today, we (and other media outlets) reported that the newest version of Asus GPU Tweak II contained an GPU "ad." But Asus later informed us that the overlay image in question is not an ad, but an "image placeholder" for a streamer-focused feature that's in development. In its current form, the Asus GPU Tweak II OSD can insert a custom image into the overlay (like a streamer's logo), and the "test image" of Asus GPUs exists so "something is there to if you use the feature." A deeper dive into the OSD's settings shows that there are options to change the image and the text "memo" that the OSD displays, which you can see below or in the app itself:

We apologize to Asus and the app's developers for the mix-up.