Former Gearbox Lawyer Accuses CEO of Lewd Behavior, Taking Secret $12M Bonus

Posted by Megalith 2:15 PM (CST)

Saturday January 12, 2019

In November, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford sued his former friend and company lawyer Wade Callender for alleged fraud, claiming he stole funds for "family vacations, gun club memberships and firearms accessories, and trying to get six-pack abs." Callender has now returned with a lawsuit of his own, which accuses Pitchford of receiving a secret $12M bonus. He also claims the CEO left a USB stick with "underage" pornography at a restaurant, but Pitchford has refuted that in a very NSFW podcast about his interest in camgirls. Gearbox says the allegations are meritless and plans to file a grievance.

Callender’s most lurid allegation against Pitchford is an accusation surrounding an event that he says occurred in 2014. Callender says that Pitchford left a USB drive in a Dallas, Texas restaurant containing sensitive corporate documents for Gearbox and its partners including 2K Games, Sega, Sony, Microsoft, and others. Says the lawsuit: "Upon information and belief, Randy Pitchford’s USB drive also contained Randy Pitchford’s personal collection of ‘underage’ pornography."