Radeon 7 Goes on Sale February 7

Posted by alphaatlas 12:09 PM (CST)

Wednesday January 09, 2019

AMD just announced the Radeon 7 GPU at their CES keynote. This is presumably the gaming-oriented variant of their previously announced Vega datacenter GPU, and it will be built on Taiwan Semiconductor's 7nm process. The Radeon 7 GPU sports 60 Compute Units that run at up to 1.8Ghz, and also features 16GB of HBM memory with around 1TB/sec of bandwidth. AMD demo'd the GPU running The Division 2 at 4K settings, and also posted some impressive benchmarks of productivity workloads.

AMD claims that they can get 25% more performance in the same power envelope with this architecture, while some games get even larger performance improvements over Vega 64. The new GPU's performance seems to be par with a Nvidia RTX 2080, while the $699 MSRP is slightly below the street price the 2080. AMD says the card will go on sale February 7, and will come bundled with Devil May Cry 2, The Division 2 and Resident Evil 2 for a limited time.