Intel Shows Off 10nm Ice Lake SOC

Posted by alphaatlas 8:57 AM (CST)

Tuesday January 08, 2019

While the desktop processors Intel announced yesterday were all 14nm parts based on existing silicon, they also teased some of their upcoming 10nm products. Gregory Bryant, the senior vice president of Intel's Client Computing Group, held up an Ice Lake system on a ship, which he claimed is Intel's "first volume 10nm client SoC." Bryant said it's the first platform to take advantage of Intel's "Sunny Cove" CPU architecture, as well as the first platform to feature Gen 11 integrated graphics and to integrate Thunderbolt 3 and WiFI 6 into the SoC itself. Intel briefly mentioned that the chip will have new instructions designed to accelerate machine learning inference, claiming that they will offer a "2x performance boost" in that particular scenario. To demonstrate the new chip, another Intel official held up several laptops running Office, a graphics workload, and a machine learning inference test. At the news conference, Intel really tried to emphasize that Ice Lake doesn't just exist, but is already up and running in pre-production laptops from Dell, Pegatron, and other big partners.

The vision for tomorrow's mobile PC platform is firmly aligned with Intel's upcoming first volume 10nm PC processor, code-named "Ice Lake." Ice Lake brings a new level of integration with Intel's new Sunny Cove microarchitecture, instruction sets to accelerate AI usage and a graphics engine, and Intel Gen11 graphics to improve graphics performance for richer gaming and content creation experiences. Intel's OEM partners are expected to have new devices with Ice Lake on shelves by holiday 2019.