Bethesda is Asking for Essays in Ban Appeals

Posted by alphaatlas 12:26 PM (CST)

Wednesday December 26, 2018

Polygon reports that Bethesda is wrongfully banning some players in Fallout 76. Third party programs like Reshade, various overlays, and capture/streaming programs may be to blame, but that's not exactly new, as similar 3rd party programs have triggered cheat detection algorithms in other games before. But what makes these bans particularly interesting is the responses Bethesda support is giving in ban appeal emails. The company is allegedly asking users to write essays to get their accounts back. One YouTuber posted his correspondence below:

"If you would like to appeal this account closure, we would be willing to accept an essay on 'Why the use of third-party cheat software is detrimental to an online game community,' for our management team to review,' the support email reads. That's a comically strange way to give players a chance to overturn their bans, but Bethesda has been known to be cheeky in the past. As far as receipts go, there are screenshots of identical support emails included in the video, which suggest that these users may not be joking around... We've reached out Bethesda for further confirmation and will update accordingly.