AMD Files Trademark for New Vega Logo

Posted by alphaatlas 8:05 AM (CST)

Monday December 10, 2018

Twitter user BoMbY spotted what appears to be a new logo for AMD's Vega architecture. The image trademark was filed on November 29th, and features two stripes that seemingly indicate a second iteration of Vega. AMD already revealed the 7nm Vega-based MI50 and MI60 at the Next Horizon event, but those cards don't feature any visible AMD Vega branding.

It's possible that the new logo could foretell the launch of 7nm Vega outside the server space. But I would bet on a Radeon Pro or Vega FE-like prosumer launch over a gaming card with RX branding, assuming anything new is coming at all. Thanks to Videocardz for spotting the tweet.