Steam Is Banning Sex Games with Young-Looking Characters

Posted by Megalith 1:30 PM (CST)

Saturday December 08, 2018

Valve is considerably lax on what it will allow on Steam, but there are some titles and content that won’t fly. The company initially banned "low-effort games with titles like Big Dick and MILF, achievement spam, and certain sex games" and has now moved on to titles that feature themes of "child exploitation." At least some of these involve "sex scenes or nudity where the characters are in high school."

Over the past few weeks, the company has removed the store pages of several visual novels, including cross-dressing yaoi romance Cross Love, catholic school visual novel Hello Goodbye, "story about the love between siblings" (yuck) Imolicious, and cat girl game MaoMao Discovery Team. The developers of these games all claim to have received similar emails stating that their games could not be released on Steam.