Dragon Age: Dread Wolf Director Says Game Will Be Political, Celebrate Diversity

Posted by Megalith 1:50 PM (CST)

Saturday December 08, 2018

BioWare employee John Epler, who currently serves as Dragon Age: Dread Wolf’s narrative director, has announced on Twitter he will be bringing his politics into the recently teased RPG sequel. The game will evidently be used as a vessel to celebrate "our diversity and differences." BioWare’s last big release, Mass Effect: Andromeda, was accused by many as having an agenda due to the "ugly" designs of its female characters, among other things.

Basically, this means that you’re looking at another Mass Effect: Andromeda or Dragon Age: Inquisition in the works. Keep in mind, though, that BioWare getting "woke" with Mass Effect: Andromeda cost them dearly, and the game ended up bombing on the marketplace. Battlefield V is also experiencing a similar fate. The series was built around a measure of historical authenticity, but the latest game abandoned that in favor of the developer’s personal politics.