Quake Champions Dumps Loot Boxes for a Battle Pass

Posted by cageymaru 7:49 PM (CST)

Wednesday December 05, 2018

The progression system in Quake Champions has been completely scrapped in favor of a linear Battle Pass system. Players will be able to complete challenges to unlock free cosmetics, and if they purchase the Battle Pass, they will be able to unlock even more cosmetic items. Luck and redundant rewards are being removed from the game as players will be able to zero in on the reward that they want and complete the challenges necessary to unlock it. Microtransactions will still exist, but they will be for players who want to level up their Battle Pass faster by purchasing levels and reliquaries which contain legendary items.

Quake Champions will still level up players as they duke it out, complete challenges and earn experience. Only now, when your level reaches a rewards milestone, you'll earn all kinds of cool items such as shaders, vanities and even Shards for Champion Progression. This new rewards system shows a clear track of what rewards are available, letting players know exactly what kind of loot they can earn and when they'll get them. Want to take things a step further? Upgrade with the Battle Pass! For just 1,000 Platinum, the Battle Pass sweetens the new rewards system by expediting player progress, adding bonus rewards milestones and granting access to special exclusive content!