Denuvo 5.3 Already Defeated: Hitman 2 Cracked Days before Official Release

Posted by Megalith 2:55 PM (CST)

Sunday November 11, 2018

It has barely been a week since FCKDRM cracked Denuvo 5.2 and Football Manager 2019, but the new scene group has already figured out how to defeat the anti-tamper software’s latest revision, 5.3, which is used in Hitman 2. While the game’s official release date is Tuesday, those who bought the Gold Edition and Collector’s Edition have been enjoying it since Friday. History suggests that IO Interactive could very well remove Denuvo from the game soon.

It appears that the video-games cracking groups have figured out a way to crack the latest versions of Denuvo in just a matter of hours or days. And that’s a really big blow for the company that has been advertised its anti-tamper tech as the safest way to guarantee the first week sales.