Geforce 416.81 Drivers Fix Multi Monitor Power Consumption

Posted by alphaatlas 10:19 AM (CST)

Thursday November 08, 2018

Nvidia just released the Geforce 416.81 WHQL Drivers, which they say "provide the optimal gaming experience for Battlefield V". Among other things, Nvidia finally fixed Turing's conspicuously high multi-monitor power consumption. Techpowerup ran some quick benchmarks, and found that Turing cards are consuming between a half and a third the idle power they did on previous drivers. Battlefield V's early access period launches on Origin tomorrow, and if you plan on running it, you should probably give these drivers a go.

As you can see, multi-monitor power consumption is finally back at normal levels. Good job, NVIDIA! While the power draw of Pascal cards is still a little bit lower, the differences are now negligible, and won't have any significant effect on power usage, power bill, temperatures, or the environment.