Battlefield V is Live a Day Early

Posted by alphaatlas 11:20 AM (CST)

Thursday November 08, 2018

DICE seems to be following Bethesda's lead, as they've launched the Battlefield V for Origin Access Premier members a little earlier than planned. Earlier today, forum member spaceman noticed that the game seems to launch, while others are reporting general Origin weirdness. Twitch is filled with Battlefield V players using up their 10 hour trial period. However, EA's own website still lists the premiere launch date as November 9, there's no announcement in the BFV news feed, and the official Battlefield V Twitter account is acting like nothing is amiss. I'm staring at Battlefield's Origin page right now, and it says the game launches in about 23 hours. It is technically November 9 in some Asian countries, but regardless, if you have Origin Access Premiere, you can apparently jump into Battlefield V now.

And starting November 9 Origin Access subscribers will be able to invite their friends to join them on the battlefield for 10 full hours of combat. The Origin Access Friend Referral program** is a great way to let up to 4 of your buddies experience all the benefits of a Basic subscription, including the Battlefield V Play First Trial, and they won't have to spend a penny.