The Next Amazon Headquarters Could Be Split Between Two Cities

Posted by cageymaru 9:11 AM (CST)

Tuesday November 06, 2018

According to anonymous sources, the next Amazon headquarters tentatively called "HQ2" will be located in two cities. The same source has listed Dallas, Long Island City in New York and Arlington near Washington, D.C. as possible finalists. An estimated 50,000 people will be hired to fill positions at the new location(s.) "'Amazon is going where it won't have to jostle with Google and Facebook as much as it would in San Francisco or it does in Seattle,' said Alex Snyder, analyst at CenterSquare Investment Management near Philadelphia." 20 cities were announced as finalists earlier this year and anonymous sources say Crystal City, Virginia is in advanced talks to secure a winning bid.

The HQ2 split also could help Amazon ease the same degree of congestion and jump in costs of living that led to unrest in Seattle. An affordable housing crisis there prompted the city council to adopt a head tax on businesses in May, which Amazon helped overturn in a subsequent city council vote.