Huawei Announces Ascend AI Chips

Posted by alphaatlas 10:00 AM (CDT)

Thursday October 11, 2018

At a company event in Shanghai, Huawei CEO Eric Xu announced a lineup of dedicated AI accelerators. The Ascend 910 is aimed squarely at datacenters, as Huawei claims it will deliver "the world's highest ever power density in a single 7nm chip." Huawei says it will offer 256 Tflops of "cluster capacity", and that systems with 1,024 chips "will be available as part of Huawei's public cloud from the second quarter of next year." Huawei also announced the Ascend 310, which is built on a 12nm process and consumes only 8 watts of power. The company developed a full software stack to go with the new accelerators, which Huawei claims will make their products competitive with the numerous other AI platforms coming out.

"Within Huawei, we will continue exploring ways to improve management and efficiency with AI. In the telecom sector, we will adopt SoftCOM AI to make network O&M more efficient. In the consumer market, HiAI will bring true intelligence to our consumer devices, making them smarter than ever. Our Huawei EI public cloud services and FusionMind private cloud solutions will provide abundant and affordable computing power for all organizations - especially businesses and governments - and help them use AI with greater ease. Our portfolio will also include an AI acceleration card, AI server, AI appliance, and many other products."