Amazon Alexa May Detect Emotional and Physical States in the Future

Posted by cageymaru 11:07 PM (CDT)

Thursday October 11, 2018

Amazon has patented a method for the voice assistant Alexa to detect emotional and physical states based on vocal cues that it hears. It will then tailor its conversations in such a way to appeal to the person. For example if a person sounds like they are bored then Alexa will deliver an ad for a musician that specifies that their music is for bored or sleepy people. It will also be able to read and interpret search results to verify the emotional state of the person.

If a person says, "What's going on today?" Alexa will interpret this as the person is bored and suggest a movie to the person. In another example a person tells Alexa that they are hungry, but they cough and sniffle while saying it. The Amazon servers record this physical abnormality and Alexa will determine that the person is sick. The Alexa software will suggest a recipe for chicken soup and a delivery of cough drops in 1 hour. The system will even be able to determine the age and language spoken of the user to deliver relevant advertising.

In one example, a first voice processing or signal processing algorithm may be used to process the voice data to determine a first real-time user status of the user using the first voice data. The first voice processing algorithm may be used to determine an emotional state of the user. Detectable or determinable emotions may include, among others, default or normal, happiness, joy, anger, sorrow, sadness, fear, disgust, boredom, stress, and other emotional states. Emotional states or conditions may be determined based at least in part on an analysis of pitch, pulse, voicing, jittering, and/or harmonicity of a user's voice, as determined from processing of the voice data.