Hunt: Showdown Update 2.4 Is Now Live

Posted by cageymaru 5:56 PM (CDT)

Thursday September 13, 2018

The Hunt: Showdown 2.4 update is now live and it adds a ton of new features and performance enhancements. The number one performance enhancement is the addition of new graphics options including resolution scaling. Resolution scaling allows text to still be scaled at the system's default resolution, while the game's rendering resolution scales to the power of the user's system. Of course users are going to have to experiment with settings.

The game includes a new Nagant M1895 Officer Carbine pistol with an extended barrel to allow new players access to other weapons than the Winfield rifle. There is a new Specter 1882 Compact shotgun with a wider spread, but shorter usable distance. Last of all the new Crossbow Shotbolt shoots an exploding shotgun shell that can penetrate walls as it detonates in a cone. There are a ton of new features so make sure to read the patch notes!

With this update we wanted to provide more settings for players to use in order to tune their performance with specific focus on GPU. In this patch the graphics options were extended to let players set the quality of different rendering groups such as post-processing and object quality as well as introducing some new features that can benefit GPU performance overall. The larger of the new features is the introduction of resolution scaling. It is likely that users who are limited by their GPU can get significant gains by down scaling the rendering resolution while retaining their video resolution.