Alan Wake is Getting a TV Adaptation

Posted by alphaatlas 11:41 AM (CDT)

Thursday September 13, 2018

Variety reports that Alan Wake is getting its own TV show. Peter Calloway, known for his work on Under the Dome, Legion, and Cloak and Dagger, is said to be the showrunner and writer, while the game's original creator will be the executive producer. Unfortunately, the Alan Wake franchise ran into some trouble in recent years. The the original game got pulled from Steam, and the original developer lost their bid to continue the franchise, but that apparently didn't stop this TV adaptation. The Witcher recently got its own TV series, so maybe this is a sign of more video game adaptations to come.

"Definitely what we have mapped out is a longer thing than the first game and a sequel; there is more to it," Lake said. "In many ways, we see the universe as a bigger thing. Alan Wake is a very central character, but we have other characters around him like [friend and agent Barry Wheeler] and his wife Alice and Sheriff Sarah Breaker and other characters there. We feel this is a big universe to develop and explore in many ways."