You Hate the Planet if You Buy an iPhone XS

Posted by Kyle 4:30 PM (CDT)

Wednesday September 12, 2018

Motherboard is taking issue with Apple's Lisa Jackson saying that longer lasting phones you keep using are "the best thing for the planet." Motherboard tells us that making a new iPhone is an incredibly destructive endeavor. It notes among other things, that a single iPhone construction uses an estimated 75lbs of mined raw material. OK, maybe 75lbs of "dirt" is not that big of a deal, but then Apple ships it all over the world. The article is a good read and gets into a lot of subjects that can be applied to many of the electronics we use today.

So while Apple knows that extending the life of the average iPhone is critically important to reducing its environmental impact, it continues to take steps to do the opposite of that. The best thing you could do, then, is to keep using the phone you’ve already got.