Windows 10 Enterprise Getting "InPrivate Desktop" Sandboxed Execution Feature

Posted by Montu 9:15 AM (CDT)

Thursday August 09, 2018

Microsoft is adding an "InPrivate Desktop" to Windows 10 Enterprise sometime in the future. According to Bleeping Computer this feature will allow admins to run untested/untrusted software in a VM sandbox. No word on whether Hyper-V has to be installed on the OS. Hyper-V or not, this is a nice feature to have baked into the OS and I'm sure admins will find it very useful. I just wish this feature would roll out to lesser versions of the OS.

"InPrivate Desktop (Preview) provides admins a way to launch a throwaway sandbox for secure, one-time execution of untrusted software," the Feedback Hub questions explains. "This is basically an in-box, speedy VM that is recycled when you close the app!"