YouTube Releases New Tool To Protect Content for Copyright Owners

Posted by Montu 1:15 PM (CDT)

Thursday July 12, 2018

YouTube has released a new tool called Copyright Match that checks uploads to verify whether they are re-uploads by others on a different channel. It's important that you are the first to upload the content because the time of upload determines who should be shown matches. Once a match is found you can do nothing, get in touch with the other creator, or just request that YouTube remove the offending content. To get an idea of how YouTube would like creators to use this tool it would be best to peruse the YouTube blog entry. Thanks again cagey.

Next week, we’ll start rolling this tool out to creators with more than 100k subscribers. As this is a powerful feature, we will monitor usage closely and will continue to expand over the coming months with the long-term goal of making it available to every creator in the YouTube Partner program.