Defense Distributed Wins Major Court Case

Posted by Kyle 10:12 AM (CDT)

Wednesday July 11, 2018

Back in 2012, a guy by the name of Cody Wilson here in Texas started putting files online at his Defense Distributed website (actually the files were served by Kim Dotcom's MegaUpload) that could be used for 3D printing gun parts and subsequently an entire functioning weapon known as the "Liberator." The US Department of State was not very happy about that and sued him for a number of crimes. As of today, the DOJ and the Second Amendment Foundation have reached a settlement that basically says, "Uh, we are sorry Cody, you win. Sorry for suing you for five years. Oopsie." Defense Distributed is back online as of today, with the short statement quoted below. It is odd too see just how much our 1st Amendment and 2nd Amendments intersected in this instance.

"The Liberator"

Defense Distributed relaunches DEFCAD after reaching a settlement agreement with the US Department of State, concluding a multi-year federal lawsuit. The age of the downloadable gun formally begins.