Apple Hardware Engineer Charged With Stealing Trade Secrets

Posted by cageymaru 9:24 AM (CDT)

Wednesday July 11, 2018

An Apple autonomous car engineer has been charged with stealing trade secrets from the Cupertino, CA company after he was detained while boarding a plane to China. Xiaolang Zhang claimed that he was severing ties with Apple to work for Chinese autonomous car startup XMotors, but purchased a round trip ticket to China instead. He broke the terms of his employment to enter Apple's campus multiple times while on maternity leave to steal items and download trade secrets. His ruse was discovered when his one day data usage exceeded his monthly data average on his company issued devices.

Authorities say Zhang also allowed his wife’s laptop to be examined and that an examination showed about 60 percent of the data was "highly problematic," according to the complaint. FBI agents interviewed Zhang on June 27, and authorities say Zhang admitted to taking files from Apple.