Dying is Against PayPal's TOS

Posted by rgmekanic 4:23 PM (CDT)

Tuesday July 10, 2018

The BBC is reporting that PayPal sent a letter to 37 year old Lindsay Durdle for a breach of agreement due to the fact that she had died. Mrs. Durdle passed away May 31st after a battle with cancer, her husband provided PayPal with copies of her death certificate, will, and ID as requested. That however did not stop them from sending a letter, addressed to Lindsay that states:

"You are in breach of condition 15.4(c) of your agreement with PayPal Credit as we have received notice that you are deceased... this breach is not capable of remedy."

I don't even know if there is a word to describe how pissed off I would be if I were Mr. Durdle.

The firm has since acknowledged that the letter was "insensitive", apologised to her widower, and begun an inquiry into how it came to be sent.