'Mavericks' Promises 1,000-Player Battle-Royale Mayhem

Posted by Montu 11:35 AM (CDT)

Thursday June 28, 2018

Newcomer Automaton is promising a new battle-royale game that features the ability to battle with 1,000 players at a time. The game is pretty ambitious and plans to take on Fortnite and PUBG. At first they will release the capability to have 200-400 player battles and then will upgrade capability to include 5-member teams in 1,000 player matches. The battles are going to be conducted on 10x10 km maps and will even have destructible buildings. Sounds like a big deal to me and I hope they can deliver. Check out their teaser trailer.

Mavericks' battle-royale mode will sit inside a vaguely-defined MMORPG experience. The game will have a town called The Capital, which acts as a lobby for the last-man-standing matches. Here, the company says, you'll be able to customize your character and upgrade your weapons before heading into the fray. There will also be banks, shops, auction houses and a range of quest-giving NPCs. The Capital will be part of a "persistent open world" that launches in 2019.