Valve Goes After Discord With Steam Chat

Posted by rgmekanic 7:16 PM (CDT)

Tuesday June 12, 2018

Today Valve has announced "Steam Chat," and it looks an awful lot like DIscord. In fact, other than the Steam-ish skin, well and the fact it can be integrated into Steam, it's hard to tell the difference between Steam Chat and Discord. You can see what games everyone is playing, create groups or channels, and send and receive messages with text, pictures, video, tweets, and of course, voice. You also don't need a client, all of Steam Chat's features are available on the website as well, and you can even invite people with a link... just like Discord. Steam Chat is currently in beta, which you can join either in the Steam client, or the Steam Chat website.

Every chat on Steam is now multi-media friendly. Getting your point across is easier than ever, now that everyone can see your GIFs inline rather than a list of links. Paste a picture from the clipboard and upload it directly to the chat.