AMD Thinks Intel's 10nm Stumble will Open Doors

Posted by Kyle 2:07 PM (CDT)

Monday June 11, 2018

There has been a lot of talk in the press by analysts and others in-the-know, that think Intel is positioned to lose a lot of business due to its bungled transition to 10nm lithography. This article is paywalled at TheInformation, but it will give you one peek for free with your email address, which it seems can be totally made up. Forrest Norrod, SVP and GM with AMD, was quite candid with his words in suggesting that Intel might have just got caught with its pants down. Of course, Intel's bungling in Taiwan has done nothing to shore up its position of continued dominance either.

Now, though, AMD may have a shot at coming out with a faster, more powerful chip than Intel for the first time. Intel in April said it was delaying the release of a more advanced chip manufacturing process until sometime in 2019. AMD has its own new, advanced chip, which it will now be able to release earlier than Intel, potentially giving it an edge in the market for high-performance chips for PCs and data center computers.

Aaron Tilley, the author of this article even exposes some of the ugliness going on behind the scenes, from I don't know when, but I did find it odd that AMD's Norrod had some jabs about Raja Koduri and him working out at Intel. And I thought that was our job. He also suggests that Intel will not be in on the GPU game for another 3 years, which is something we fully agree with.

Mr. Norrod played down the significance of the hiring. "Raja is a brilliant guy, a brilliant architect, a brilliant marketer, but he lives in the future," he said. "He’s running a massive organization, and based on my perceptions of Raja and my experience working with him, that doesn’t play to his strengths. We’ll see what happens."

He also claimed that AMD’s graphic chip business is doing a little better since Mr. Koduri’s departure. Under Mr. Koduri, AMD changed product plans for new graphic chips several times. "We had some wastage on the GPU roadmap where he changed his mind," he said. "I think that since we’ve really locked that down, we’re making a little bit more rapid progress."