Game Developer Quote of the Day

Posted by Kyle 12:53 PM (CDT)

Wednesday May 16, 2018

GameRant has an article that confirms there will be no loot boxes in the upcoming Rage 2 title, which I am sure many of us are will be a fan of. However, this quote caught my eye. Tim Willits of id Software said, "We have this novel approach: You buy the game and then you play it." Glad someone still gets it. Now you kids get off my post-apocalyptic barren landscape. Thanks @Armenius.

With this in mind, many will be glad to see that Rage 2 will not follow suit of so many other games and will instead leave loot boxes out. Arguably, this is a smart business decision by Bethesda and developers id Software and Avalanche Studios, as the game will not be impacted by any loot box laws that are implemented between now and the game’s 2019 release date.