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Tuesday Morning Hunt Showdown Streaming

WickedLux is getting his 1337 level Hunt Showdown on! Ongoing Discussion
Posted by Kyle April 24, 2018 2:08 AM (CDT)

Hunt Showdown Roadmap Update

We are big fans of Crytek's Hunt Showdown around here. (We know you probably could not tell.) Crytek has just pushed out a roadmap update that will address some concerns and improvements that players have been asking for. If you have not played Hunt Showdown yet, for an Early Release title, it is probably one of the most polished we have ever seen. And if you are fans of Crytek's past gaming engines, this one will not disappoint in terms of just how beautiful the environments are. The nighttime maps are simply incredible to see. As you know, Crytek engines can be quite GPU and CPU intensive. Crytek did also just push out a performance patch that will help you guys with older PCs out in terms of framerates.

Early Access means developing the game together with our community. So we've looked at your comments and made the following additions to the first big roadmap milestone, going live on the Test Server very soon: Fall damage - Poisonous weapons - More traits (12 in total) - Bunny-hopping restrictions (jumping will now drain some of your stamina) - Stance indicator

I have about 170 hours now in Hunt Showdown and all the changes above, I am onboard for. Especially the nerfing of the bunny hopping! This is easily my GOTY. And it can really push your hardware. Discussion
Posted by Kyle April 23, 2018 10:14 AM (CDT)

Net Neutrality Rules Expire Monday, as Lawmakers Push for Paid Data Prioritization

Net Neutrality rules will officially be repealed tomorrow. Coincidentally, US Representative Marsha Blackburn championed the idea of paid data prioritization at a hearing last week, effectively urging ISPs to charge customers more for fast lanes. Experts say that service providers will probably wait before screwing us, however.

I would also point out that in real life, all sorts of interactions are prioritized every day. Many of you sitting in this room right now paid a line-sitter to get priority access to this hearing. In fact, it is commonplace for the government itself to offer priority access to services. If you have ever used Priority Mail, you know this to be the case. And what about TSA pre-check? It just might have saved you time as you traveled here today.

Posted by Megalith April 22, 2018 11:20 AM (CDT)

Towards Battery-Free HD Video Streaming

Researchers from the University of Washington have figured out how to use a technique called backscattering to stream video 99 percent more efficiently. The video processing is essentially handed off to another device that does the heavy lifting, resulting in a significant reduction in power consumption.

We present a novel architecture that enables HD video streaming from a low-power, wearable camera to a nearby mobile device. To achieve this, we present an "analog" video backscatter technique that feeds analog pixels from the photo-diodes directly to the backscatter hardware, thereby eliminating power-consuming hardware components, such as ADCs and codecs.

Posted by Megalith April 21, 2018 2:50 PM (CDT)

Late Afternoon Defrag Streaming

Are the adrenaline packed, high tension livestreams of Hunt Showdown too much for you? Perhaps PvPvE gameplay just isn't your bag? Well fortunately for you, we're here to help, and bring you "twitchdefrags," a 24/7 livestream of a hard drive being defragmented. Let your cares float away as you watch misplaced files do the same. Who wants to make a stream of running scandisk on a monster drive? Discussion
Posted by rgmekanic April 20, 2018 3:51 PM (CDT)

AT&T Getting Ready to Offer Skinny TV Streaming Package for $15

During his recent testimony in the AT&t/Time Warner antitrust trial, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson mentions a new skinny streaming TV option without sports is going to be offered for $15 a month. Wireless customers will get the best Even though AT&T already offers a $35 per month service with DirecTV Now it appears they feel the need to tap into the low cost market and give everyone something for a pretty low price. Seeing is believing they say and once it's out I'll believe it.

Called AT&T Watch, it would ditch sports to keep the price low, and be available for free to the company's wireless subscribers. There's no word on exactly what channels would be included but it's apparently going to launch in the next few weeks. At that price it would be cheaper than AT&T's lowest-price DirecTV Now package ($35 for 60+ channels) and Sling TV's cheapest lineup ($20 for 25+ channels).

Posted by Montu April 20, 2018 11:55 AM (CDT)

Hunt Showdown Bullet Physics System

As you might have noticed lately, we are big fans of Hunt Showdown around here. I think it is without a doubt one of the best games I have played since BorderLands 2, although the games in term of genre are not truly comparable. I have already racked up 160+ hours myself, and have the bags under my eyes to prove it. Hunt Showdown is a first per shooter, 2-man co-op, somewhat battle royale-ish, PvP and PvE type of game, set in the Louisiana swamps in the late 1800s. You are hunting demons from Hell for cash and prizes, and Hunters are hunting you all the time as well, or vice versa. It is a Crytek title using its own game engine, CryEngine. David West of Crytek, has just published an article that gives a dive into the physics systems that affect bullet travel in Hunt. If you think these guys have not put a lot of thought into just how all this works, think again. But they tackle the most asked question, "Why no bullet drop?" And it has the most awesome theme song.

Furthermore, the weapons in Hunt use iron sights. Games that incorporate more modern equipment usually can rely on an array of red-dot scopes and mid-range combat optics, as well as sniper, night-vision and thermal scopes. Because Hunt is set in the age of iron sights, you won't aim through a scope for most of your shots. With bullet drop, you would have to aim above the target, which forces the shooter to effectively have to guess where to shoot. That isn't something we want players to have to do in Hunt. We always want Hunters to feel like they are in full control of a situation, and that if they miss a shot, it is due to their mistake and not a random element in the game. Every shot counts in Hunt, and Hunters needed to know that if they make the right calculation on each shot, they will reliably hit the target.

Posted by Kyle April 18, 2018 10:28 AM (CDT)

Hunt: Showdown Performance Patch Now Available

It's not secret that HardOCP loves Hunt: Showdown and we wrote on March 29th how it was getting a performance patch, and today is the day that it is available. The new patch comes in at only 164 MB, but packs a lot of optimization, including lowering the memory footprint, a number of CPU optimizations, as well as several other bug fixes that are too numerous to post here. but you can check out the full patch notes here.

And Hunt Showdown has an awesome theme song as well.

Posted by rgmekanic April 12, 2018 5:25 PM (CDT)

"High Definition Vinyl" Coming as Early As Next Year

In a follow up to a 2016 European patent that described a new way of manufacturing vinyl records that would allow them higher audio fidelity, louder volume, and longer playing times. Pitchfork is reporting that Austrian based startup Rebeat Innovation has received $4.8 million in funding for the initiative, founder and CEO Gunter Loibl told Pitchfork.
Vinyl is a pretty niche market, however $4.8 million isn't a ton of money when talking about startups now days. It will be interesting to see if this tech takes off.

The HD vinyl process involves converting audio digitally to a 3D topographic map. Lasers are then used to inscribe the map onto the "stamper," the part that stamps the grooves into the vinyl. According to Loibl, these methods allow for records to be made more precisely and with less loss of audio information. The results, he said, are vinyl LPs that can have up to 30 percent more playing time, 30 percent more amplitude, and overall more faithful sound reproduction.

Posted by rgmekanic April 12, 2018 4:33 PM (CDT)

Disney Launches New ESPN+ Streaming Service

Disney has just joined the ranks of streaming content providers with their new ESPN+ service. Disney has never done anything like this before and it makes sense for them to offer their flagship sports product to the masses like this. I guess they've seen the ESPN numbers dropping on traditional cable networks and need to make up the difference so they can keep paying for all of their exclusive broadcasting rights. Thanks, cagey.

ESPN+ is designed for fanatics who want more sports programing, and for people who cannot find their favorite teams or sports on TV, Disney executives said. The latter includes fans of cricket, rugby, Canadian football or Ivy League sports.

Posted by Montu April 12, 2018 12:00 PM (CDT)

Late Evening Hunt Showdown Streaming

Our favorite active military streamer WickedLux is getting his Hunt Showdown on in the wee hours of the morning for your PvE/PvP enjoyment. Ongoing Discussion
Posted by Kyle April 02, 2018 8:31 PM (CDT)

Tesla Autopilot Nearly Recreates Fatal Crash

A Tesla owner in Indiana decided to recreate the fatal crash from last month, where the cars autopilot mode drove straight into a K-Rail according to an article from electrek. The video below shows a Model S with the latest autopilot hardware mistakenly treating a right-side land as a left-side lane and pointing the vehicle squarely at a barrier.
How is it the radar system of neither of these cars could see a solid, immobile concrete barrier? Fortunately the Indiana driver in the video managed to stop just in time. Discussion
Posted by rgmekanic April 02, 2018 2:36 PM (CDT)