Console Plebs Get Agony Censorship Smackdown

Posted by Kyle 8:57 AM (CDT)

Monday April 16, 2018

The soon-to-be released survival horror game Agony, has been gearing up for publication for a couple of years, and is now getting closer to launch, but has been put through the grinder by the censors, at least for you console plebs. Looks as though the PlayWay devs had to clean up their act, just a little, to get a M rating instead of an "AO" (Adults Only). AO means that your title will not make it to XBone and PS4. Don't worry however, the PC Master Race will get a patch that will show you all the bit that you might otherwise miss. Even the unwashed masses will have the option to change their Kickstarter pledge to the proper format if you previously made a bad choice. You might want to wait for the VR version that is promised later if you are of the exalted HMD type.. The trailer video is likely NSFW, unless you work at Pornhub or your local morgue.

We also want to confirm that we are preparing a special, optional patch for PC that will remove the aforementioned "censorship". We would love to do something similar for consoles but from a technical and legal point of view it is simply not possible. With that in mind, we decided that backers who have bought the console version of Agony will be able to convert it into a PC version. Details on how to do this will be provided soon in the next update, here on Kickstarter.