PlayStation 5: When Can Sony Truly Deliver a Generational Leap in Power?

Posted by Megalith 1:20 PM (CDT)

Sunday April 15, 2018

Eurogamer has given their two cents on when Sony could realistically debut more powerful hardware. While the potential for a new console in 2019 is echoed based on the expected availability of next-generation components, pricing should not be overlooked as a substantial factor: rising memory prices, for instance, could result in both a delayed and much pricier product.

...the price bubbles in the PC component market are making the high cost of Xbox One X look a lot more attractive. But a relatively large 7nm processor with an Xbox One X-level cooling solution paired with a big upgrade in RAM and some kind of solid-state storage solution? That's a whole new level of expense - and financial viability more than any other factor may well push the arrival of a next-gen PlayStation or Xbox back to 2020.