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Monster Hunter: World Adds Standard PC Mouse Control Option for In-Game Camera

Monster: Hunter World has added standard PC mouse control options for the in-game camera. Initially the only camera control option was to emulate a game controller which made it slow and clunky. Now the game feels much more like a standard PC game as everything is much more crisp and familiar with new mouse option enabled. Has anyone tried modding the game yet? I was thinking of adding the Souvenir's Light Pillar mod to the game as I have issues finding all the monster parts that fall to the ground during an intense fight. Are there other fair and balanced mods out there that a budding hunter should try?

We've implemented an update adding new mouse control options for the in-game camera. The new control type is in line with the control standards for most PC games. To change the controls, open up the in-game Start Menu, go to Options, and select the Controls tab. Here you'll be able to switch between the different mouse control schemes. If you wish to adjust the sensitivity, go to the same Options menu, and select the Camera tab.

Posted by cageymaru September 20, 2018 10:25 AM (CDT)

Valve Adds CO-OP Steam Link Streaming and Moderates Reported Posts

The latest Steam Client Beta has some interesting features for gamers with local friends. Valve has added CO-OP Steam Link streaming for multiple devices simultaneously, but the feature requires a high quality 5 GHz WiFi network. Don't worry about purchasing additional controllers for all of your friends as now they can disable the audio and video on their Android phones within the Steam Link app and use them as touch controllers! Also the version of Chromium used in Steam has been updated to 68. Starting on September 25th, Valve is now offering game developers the option to use Valve's moderation team to review posts reported by community members. Valve has reassured developers that they won't be actively moderating their community discussions; only the reported posts and content. Valve says that they have been moderating content such as images, guides, reviews, etc for quite awhile and this is just an extension of that practice. Many developers have been asking for help and Valve has been busy implementing the human power to handle the task. Developers can opt out of the service.

For quite a while now, our moderation team has been reviewing and taking appropriate action on many forms of reported community content across Steam, such as screenshots, artwork, guides, user profiles, community groups, and user reviews. In the past, we've been hesitant to get involved in the moderation of individual game discussions, as we didn't want to step on the toes of game developers that want to have their own style of communication with players and their own set of guidelines for behavior.

Posted by cageymaru September 20, 2018 9:34 AM (CDT)

Hunt: Showdown Update 2.4 Is Now Live

The Hunt: Showdown 2.4 update is now live and it adds a ton of new features and performance enhancements. The number one performance enhancement is the addition of new graphics options including resolution scaling. Resolution scaling allows text to still be scaled at the system's default resolution, while the game's rendering resolution scales to the power of the user's system. Of course users are going to have to experiment with settings. The game includes a new Nagant M1895 Officer Carbine pistol with an extended barrel to allow new players access to other weapons than the Winfield rifle. There is a new Specter 1882 Compact shotgun with a wider spread, but shorter usable distance. Last of all the new Crossbow Shotbolt shoots an exploding shotgun shell that can penetrate walls as it detonates in a cone. There are a ton of new features so make sure to read the patch notes!

With this update we wanted to provide more settings for players to use in order to tune their performance with specific focus on GPU. In this patch the graphics options were extended to let players set the quality of different rendering groups such as post-processing and object quality as well as introducing some new features that can benefit GPU performance overall. The larger of the new features is the introduction of resolution scaling. It is likely that users who are limited by their GPU can get significant gains by down scaling the rendering resolution while retaining their video resolution.

Posted by cageymaru September 13, 2018 5:56 PM (CDT)

Apple Special Event is Streaming Live

Apple is streaming a "Special Event" starting at noon CDT. Rumor has it that Apple will unveil new iPhone models and various other iDevices at the event, which isn't exactly a stretch since Apple does this every year. Interestingly, Apple is also streaming the event on Twitter, which they haven't done in previous years. You can check out the stream on Apple's website here.
Posted by alphaatlas September 12, 2018 11:59 AM (CDT)

Study Finds that Millennials Prefer Multiple Content Providers for Streaming

According to Parks Associates research, millenials are becoming ever more varied when it comes to choosing an Over-The-Top (OTT) subscription service to stream content. By tracking over 200 OTT services it was discovered that more than 25% of millenials chose 3 or more services and over 50% maintained at least two OTT subscriptions. This of course has had a positive effect on streaming services such as CBS All Access that predicts an increase in subscriptions from 2.5 million to 8 million by 2022. Marc DeBevoise, president and COO of CBS Interactive shared his thoughts on how CBS viewed the OTT business. "We're playing a different game here," he says. "We're taking a No. 1 network and building a premium service on top of it."

Hollywood has its eye on the OTT business for a simple reason: The financial stakes are huge. The Boston Consulting Group recently forecast that $30 billion in profits could shift away from the traditional TV business over a five-year period ending in 2022, with OTT services poised to pocket some of the spoils. With this much at stake, showbiz players are now making big plays for OTT.

Posted by cageymaru September 07, 2018 3:15 PM (CDT)

Bloodborne Is Now Available for Streaming on the PC Through PlayStation Now

Bloodborne has finally been added to the PlayStation Now lineup. PlayStation Now is a video game streaming service from Sony that allows PC and PS4 gamers to play over 650 PS4, PS3, and PS2 games. If you are unsure that you have the connection to stream the games, there is a free 7 day trial. The introductory pricing of the streaming service is $9.99 a month, $29.99 for 3 months of service, or $99.99 for a solid year of the subscription service.

Although note that in order to take advantage of the $9.99 intro offer, you will need to purchase that directly, as the 7-day trial will transition into the standard monthly subscription.

Posted by cageymaru September 06, 2018 6:43 PM (CDT)

Amazon may Make a Free, Ad-Supported Streaming Service for Fire TVs

Amazon may be making a free, ad-supported streaming service called Free Dive for Fire TVs. It may be similar to The Roku Channel and have licensed content from studios like Sony and Paramount. Also, this won't replace Prime Video and will simply be a supplement to that service. How well this goes over is anyone's guess because folks cut the cord to avoid commercials, but this service at least has the right price. It wouldn't surprise me if this happens and as a result Amazon starts selling a few more Fire TVs. I'll give it a shot just to see if the commercial content is bearable.

As Amazon dives deeper into the entertainment space (and as competition from Roku, Apple, Walmart, and the like increases), the online giant wants to stake its claim in video advertising so it can bring in as much money as possible from all of its various services.

Posted by Montu August 30, 2018 11:15 AM (CDT)

WPI Develops Autonomous Fish Hunting Robot

Students at Worcester Polytechnic Institute are developing an autonomous, underwater robot capable of hunting and harvesting Lionfish. Robots designed to hunt invasive species are nothing new, but up until now, they've all required a tether with a human operator on the other end, limiting their range and practicality. The robot designed by the undergrads is capable of identifying Lionfish using an array of sensors backed by machine learning-derived computer vision algorithms. It can then spear the fish with one of its 8 attached spears, and bring them to the surface, all without a tether or human interaction. This coming year, another team is tasked with refining the robot's navigation system, which would allow the machine to navigate a 3D search grid as it hunts for Lionfish.

"There are economic and environmental benefits to this, and the fish are delicious," said Kelly, who focused on the robot's computer vision system. "I've seen the massive devastation caused by these fish and it really made me want to work on this project. We felt like we could create some change in the world."

Posted by alphaatlas August 29, 2018 12:41 PM (CDT)

UBI CEO Doubles Down on Streaming Games Over Hardware

There is no doubt that streaming your games from the cloud will one day have its place over buying your own hardware. However what is exactly that place will be is certainly up for debate. We have been playing around with NVIDIA's GeForce Now streaming service that is still in beta. We have an 85Mb/85Mb connection here in the office. Even with no one else on the network, we often get "Bad Network" warnings. When it comes to playability, games like Fortnite are very playable when being streamed for us. Load up something like single player Wolfenstein 2, and the gameplay is much less than good even when it tells us we have a good network. If you really want to see where lag is introduced, play something like Quake Champions, and you can't even help from falling off the side of the map into the void, much less land a railgun shot. IGN is telling us that UBISOFT is betting big on streaming games from the cloud as he has said in the past. However, from our perspective we are a long ways off from game streaming winning out over local hardware. Obviously UBISOFT is looking far beyond simply PC games, but into mobile as well. That all said, reliable and latency "free" bandwidth is likely to be biggest knife in the back of widely adopted in terms of cloud gaming, for the PC crowd anyway.

"Technology is actually going in that direction. The machines will be more powerful and the system to transfer data will be more efficient, so at one point, we will have a better experience streaming something than having to buy a machine and change the machine regularly," Guillemot told IGN.

Posted by Kyle August 28, 2018 11:31 AM (CDT)

Crytek Bringing Hunt: Showdown to XBOX Game Preview

Our favorite PC PvP/PvE title, Hunt: Showdown, is coming to XBOX Game Preview. XBOX Game Preview is akin to Early Access games on Steam. If you have been looking for an affordable game to truly stress your CPU and GPU while giving you glorious graphics, Hunt is it. That said, you console plebs need to step your game up! Grab you some of those new RTX 2080 Ti cards for cheap! If this "Xbox Game Preview" is from actual XBOX game capture, that is pretty incredible. Hmmmm.

Savage, nightmarish creatures roam the Louisiana swamps, and you are part of a group of rugged bounty hunters bound to rid the world of their ghastly presence. Banish these creatures from our world, and you will be paid generously - and given the chance to buy more gruesome and powerful weapons. Fail, and death will strip you of both character and gear.

Posted by Kyle August 21, 2018 2:42 PM (CDT) Is Live and Streaming DOTA 2 The International 2018

Valve is streaming DOTA 2 The International 2018 on You can invite friends to Steam Chat groups to chat with them and watch the show together. It seems to announce to friends that you are watching the live game stream. It seamlessly allows you to skip to any point in the live-stream. Nice to see Valve taking Discord and Twitch seriously.
Posted by cageymaru August 20, 2018 7:12 PM (CDT)

Monster Hunter: World Global Sales Boosted by Steam Release

Capcom has announced that their global smash hit Monster Hunter: World has shipped over 10 million copies. Reaching this important milestone has been accelerated by the release of the PC version on the Steam platform as the overall sales numbers include digital download and home console sales. Cumulative sales of the Monster Hunter series has exceeded the 50 million mark. SteamDB figures for the game tell us even more information as they estimate that the average playtime in the past 2 weeks is 32.5 hours and sales on the Steam platform are around the 2 - 5 million mark. This is in line with previous sales numbers as Capcom announced 8.3 million in sales just before the Steam release. There are 271,979 gamers playing the title right now and the all-time peak player count was 334,684. Strong digital sales for the title could lead to a greater variety of games being released onto the Steam platform in the future.

The Monster Hunter series consists of hunting action games that pit players against giant monsters in a beautiful natural environment. The series has sparked a social phenomenon known as the "Monster Hunter Craze" by introducing a new kind of communication style for players through cooperative play focused on hunting monsters with their friends.

Posted by cageymaru August 20, 2018 10:38 AM (CDT)