Anybody out There Still Listening to Music on AM or FM Radio?

Posted by Megalith 1:50 PM (CDT)

Sunday April 15, 2018

CNET’s audio guru Steve Guttenberg is reminiscing of the good old days when music was largely acquired and consumed via radio. Of course, AM and FM are considered relics now by many due to the plethora of streaming options available, but some still wonder whether music could ever make a comeback to local stations.

I fell out of the habit of listening to music on the radio 10 years ago, but millions of people still do. Even so, news, talk and sports radio seems to be where the money is in radio in 2018. Broadcast radio from stations that have good sound -- usually but not always NPR, public or college radio stations -- heard over the very best tuners can sound quite good. So here's hoping that broadcast local radio stations will survive and prosper.