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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Receives RTX Treatment in Latest Patch

The latest patch for Shadow of the Tomb Raider has enabled support for real time ray tracing and NVIDIA's DLSS. To enable the features, gamers will need Window 10 update 1809 or higher, NVIDIA RTX 20- series GPU, and NVIDIA's latest drivers 419.35 and up. Nixxes announced the creation of a Beta, enabling the ability to switch back to an older version of the game, if problems arise.

We have just released the thirteenth PC patch for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, build 1.0.280. This patch focuses primarily on the release for the Nvidia's Ray-Traced Shadows and DLSS. While we expect this patch to be an improvement for everyone, if you do have trouble with this patch and prefer to stay on the old version, we have made a Beta available on Steam, Build 279, that can be used to switch back to the previous version.

Posted by cageymaru March 19, 2019 9:55 PM (CDT)

Denuvo 5.6, Used in Metro Exodus, Has Been Cracked in Five Days

The latest version of Denuvo didn’t last long: hackers have managed to crack version 5.6 in five days, opening recent releases such as Metro Exodus and Far Cry New Dawn to pirates. Gamers are calling on Deep Silver/4A Games and Ubisoft to remove the anti-tamper tech, as it is obsolete and may potentially reduce performance. Hackers have also managed to crack Microsoft’s UWP protection for Crackdown 3.

It will be interesting to see whether this crack will impact the game’s sales and whether gamers will download the pirated version in order to immaturely show Deep Silver their displeasure over the Steam/Epic Store controversy. As always, we strongly suggest supporting the developers for their hard work. If you are not interested in a game, there is no point at all downloading a pirated version of it!

Posted by Megalith February 24, 2019 4:05 PM (CST)

NVIDIA GeForce Hotfix Driver Version 418.99 Has Been Released

The NVIDIA GeForce Hotfix Driver Version 418.99 has been released and it addresses the following issue: Windows 7x64/8.1x64: Fixes random application crash or TDR introduced in previous GeForce display driver 418.81. The official NVIDIA forum post discussing the driver is here.

The GeForce Hotfix driver is our way to trying to get some of these fixes out to you more quickly. These drivers are basically the same as the previous released version, with a small number of additional targeted fixes. The fixes that make it in are based in part on your feedback in the Driver Feedback threads and partly on how realistic it is for us to quickly address them. These fixes (and many more) will be incorporated into the next official driver release, at which time the Hotfix driver will be taken down.

Posted by cageymaru February 18, 2019 7:29 PM (CST)

16,000 Cheaters Have Been Banned from Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment has announced that over 16,000 cheaters have been identified and banned from Apex Legends. The development team acknowledged that "cheaters suck" and asked the community to gather evidence of them cheating. They are looking into adding a report feature to the game and will investigate flagged accounts. In the same post, they asked the community to report instances of crashing. Dataminers have discovered references to a Survival Mode, Solo Mode, and Duo Mode. The same dataminer leaked two new playable characters otherwise known as "Legends." One is called Octane and the second is named Wattson. Lastly, YouTube personality Battle(non)sense brilliantly analyzed the netcode of Apex Legends and found it lacking. In other Apex Legends news, the VR game Apex Construct on Steam has experienced a 4000% uptick in Steam Store visits since Apex Legends was released. Chinese gamers have purchased more copies of Apex Construct in the last seven days than all of 2018 combined! The devs admit that "Most likely these units will be refunded, but our books look pretty good at the moment;-)." The Steam Community team is looking into the misunderstanding, as Apex Construct was out before Apex Legends, so no intentional scamming was intended.

I took a look at the networking of Apex Legends and I was negatively surprised by what I found in a game released in 2019 by a studio like Respawn Entertainment.

Posted by cageymaru February 18, 2019 5:56 PM (CST)

Google Backtracks on Chrome Modifications That Would Have Crippled Ad Blockers

Ad-blocker developers (and users) can rest easy, as Google has decided to revise its collection of changes to the Chrome extensions platform. "Manifest V3" would have killed uBlock, Ghostery, and similar extensions by disallowing them from querying remotely hosted code via traditional APIs, but Google has had a change of heart due to backlash and new data suggesting ad-blocking requests didn’t have a significant effect on browser performance.

Chrome engineers justified the change by citing the performance impact of not having a maximum value for the number of network requests an extension could access. But the Ghostery team disagreed with this assessment. "From the measurements, we do not think this claim holds, as all popular content-blockers are already very efficient and should not incur any noticeable slow-down for users." Their study found sub-millisecond median decision times per request, showing quite the opposite of what the Chrome team claimed.

Posted by Megalith February 17, 2019 1:45 PM (CST)

Some 1660 TI Models Could Have 3GB of VRAM

As the 1660 TI launch nears, more and more designs from various manufacturers are starting to pop up around the web. Videocardz posted designs from MSI, Asus, Galax, Palit, and EVGA, and they even managed to get a die shot of what they claim to be the TU116 GPU, as well as a shot of the MSI Geforce 1660 TI Ventus Xt's PCB. On top of the pictures, Videocardz spotted yet another potential leak from the Eurasion Economic Commission's website. This one in particular suggest that Asus could lanch several 1660 TI SKUs with 3GB of memory instead of 6GB.

The 6GB variant may be exclusive to ROG STRIX series though, as there is no such product with 3GB memory listed. ASUS will launch DUAL, Expedition, Phoenix, TUF (the new series), Turbo and ROG STRIX series of GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics. Models are as always divided into Advanced, OC and non-OC variants (which basically feature different clock speeds). The GTX 1660 Ti graphics cards will be announced on February 22nd. We expect a large list of custom models to be available at launch as GTX 1660 Ti basically replaces GTX 1060, the most popular SKU in NVIDIA offer.

Update 2/15/2019: HardOCP's sources have confirmed that the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 TI will launch on February 22nd for $279. Additionally, the GTX 1660 currently set to launch on March 14th for $229, but as we mentioned before, precise launch dates and prices aren't necessarily set in stone this far away from release. We also heard that the 1660 could end up being a rebrand of the Pascal-based Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060, but we can't confirm that rumor yet. Discussion
Posted by alphaatlas February 15, 2019 11:21 AM (CST)

AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.2.2 Driver Has Been Released

The latest AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.2.2 driver has been released and it adds support for the AMD Radeon VII, Far Cry New Dawn, Metro Exodus, Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, and Crackdown 3. AMD Radeon RX 590 owners should experience a 5% performance uplift in Crackdown 3 when using this newer driver. Fixed issues include: Using the Alt+Tab shortcut out of a fullscreen application or game may be slow or take longer than expected when using a display connected by DisplayPort. Apply and Discard buttons may not appear in some areas of Radeon Overlay under the Radeon WattMan overclocking tab. Radeon WattMan may fail to apply memory clock changes on AMD Radeon VII. AMD Radeon VII may intermittently experience a system hang when attempting to perform a timeout detection and recovery on Windows7 system configurations. Radeon WattMan may display the incorrect max fan/temperature values for AMD Radeon VII. Radeon WattMan may experience issues with changed values failing to save or load when multiple changes are applied at once. AMD Radeon VII may experience intermittent system stability issues on some X399 motherboards. Player Unknown's Battlegrounds may intermittently experience an application crash when changing post-processing settings. Radeon Settings may experience an application hang when loading the performance histogram in a game profile through game manager. Update Notifications may sometimes incorrectly list the currently installed driver as an available upgrade. Apex Legends may intermittently experience line corruption on AMD Radeon VII.

Known Issues: Battlefield V players may experience character outlines stuck on screen after being revived when the game is set to using DirectX12 API. Mouse lag or system slowdown is observed for extended periods of time with two or more displays connected and one display switched off. FRTC may disappear from the Radeon Settings Global Graphics options on some system configurations when upgrading Radeon Software. Radeon WattMan clock gauges may sometimes not change or appear incorrect when custom settings have been set on AMD Radeon VII. Changes made in Radeon WattMan settings via Radeon Overlay may sometimes not save or take effect once Radeon Overlay is closed. Fan speeds may remain elevated for longer periods than expected when using Tuning Control Auto Overclock in Radeon WattMan on AMD Radeon VII. A workaround is switching fan control to manual mode.

Posted by cageymaru February 14, 2019 7:36 AM (CST)

"Captain Marvel" '90s-Style Website Will Have You Nostalgic for Dial-Up

HTML frames, Comic Sans, and vintage GIFs: being that Captain Marvel predominately takes place during the ‘90s, Marvel had the clever idea of advertising their latest flick with an official website that takes visitors back to the GeoCities era. It’s pretty accurate, down to the guestbook (filled with ‘90s references such as the dancing baby) and "Kree Player," a take on the old Real Player. Of course, WB’s Space Jam site from 1996 is still alive and kicking for those who desire authentic nostalgia.

The Captain Marvel webpage throwback is a really cool way to promote the movie, which also gives younger Marvel Cinematic Universe fans a chance to see what the internet looked like back in the day. Sites like the internet Wayback Machine can take users back to the old days, but a lot of images are usually broken, preventing from the true experience of dial-up internet. The only thing that could have made the Captain Marvel site even better is slow page loading, just to give it a real touch of what it was like surfing the net in the dark ages.

Posted by Megalith February 10, 2019 11:30 AM (CST)

AMD, NVIDIA Have Launched "The Least-Appealing GPU Upgrades in History"

Regardless of which team enthusiasts have aligned themselves with, it’s simply not a great time to cheerlead, according to ExtremeTech, which has published an opinion piece alleging both green and red have failed to deliver. While AMD and NVIDIA’s products may be technically admirable, the conundrum is price-to-performance: nobody expected the latter to impress on that front, but now that the former’s Radeon VII has matched "the RTX 2080’s bad price," many have conceded to the idea of the market being "stuck in an unwelcome position."

There are two ways to read the current situation. One argues that the current less-than-inspiring crop of GPU architectures from AMD and Nvidia is an oddity. AMD has been operating on a shoestring budget until quite recently, with limited resources to pour into new GPUs. Nvidia may have misread the crypto market. Put the two together, and you have an awkward transition that doesn’t inspire anyone but ultimately doesn’t have much influence over the long-term evolution of the GPU market either. Fast forward 18 months and the market may look much more like its historical trend line.

Posted by Megalith February 09, 2019 3:35 PM (CST)

AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.2.1 Driver Has Been Released

The latest AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.2.1 driver has been released and it provides support for APEX Legends, The Division 2 Private Beta, and Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 users should see a 5% performance uplift in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey over the previously released driver. Fixed issues in 19.2.1 include: Battlefield V players may experience character outlines stuck on screen after being revived. Radeon Settings may fail to install while doing a software update on some Hybrid Graphics system configurations. Some displays may experience a loss of video when launching a fullscreen application with Radeon FreeSync enabled. Anthem may experience a white screen or corruption while playing or launching the game. Radeon Settings may experience a crash if the user changes tabs quickly with a very large game list. HDMI Underscan settings may not retain after system restart. Radeon ReLive may intermittently experience captured recordings or Instant Replays with inverted colors. Fixed an issue where Radeon Settings update notifications may suggest older driver releases to upgrade to.

Known Issues: Mouse lag or system slowdown is observed for extended periods of time with two or more displays connected and one display switched off. Game Advisor may fail to load compatibility information for games when the gaming library is very large. Pixel Format settings may not retain after system restart. Scene Editor may have issues with scrolling when many elements are added to a scene. Custom settings in Radeon WattMan may sometimes fail to apply on Radeon RX Vega series graphics products. Game and VR Streaming options may be missing in Radeon Settings after a clean installation or Radeon Software upgrade.

Posted by cageymaru February 05, 2019 5:31 AM (CST)

NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver 418.81 WHQL Has Been Released

The latest NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver 418.81 WHQL has been released and it provides support for the new GeForce RTX laptops and Futuremark's 3DMark Port Royal benchmark, which has just added a new feature test for NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS). SLI profiles have been added for Anthem, Assetto Corsa Competizione, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2, Life is Strange Season 2, NBA 2K19, and Space Hulk Tactics. Older NVIDIA video card generations such as Pascal and Maxwell received a performance uplift when using G-SYNC and SLI.

Windows 10 Issues: [GeForce RTX 20 series]: Event ID 14 error appears in event viewer logs when Digital Vibrance setting is changed. [2488424]. [SLI][Shadow of the Tomb Raider][G-SYNC]: Flickering occurs in the game when launched with SLI, HDR, and G-SYNC enabled [200467122]. [G-SYNC]: With a G-SYNC and G-SYNC Compatible display connected in clone mode, flashing occurs on games played on the G-SYNC display with G-SYNC enabled. [200482157]. [HDR][Ni no Kuni 2]: Enabling HDR causes the application to crash when launched. [2483952]. [ARK Survival]: Multiple errors and then blue-screen crash may occur when playing the game. [2453173]. [Batman: Arkham Origins]: PhysX fog renders incorrectly [2451459]. [Firefox]: Cursor shows brief corruption when hovering on certain links in Firefox. [2107201]. Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) is not available for monitors with 4k2k timings. [2496987]. Random desktop flicker occurs on some multi-display PCs [2453059].

Posted by cageymaru February 04, 2019 2:44 PM (CST)

The Official Metro Exodus Performance Guide Has Been Released

4A Games has released its performance guide for Metro Exodus without DXR or NVIDIA RTX features turned on. Only an NVIDIA GTX 670 or AMD Radeon HD 7870, Intel CORE i5-4440, and 8GB of ram is needed to achieve 1080p | 30 FPS. An NVIDIA RTX 2060 or AMD RX VEGA 56, Intel CORE i7-4770K and 8GB of ram is need to run at 1080p | 60 FPS. High settings are going to require an NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti / RTX 2070 or AMD RX Vega 64, 16GB of ram paired with an Intel CORE i7-8700K to achieve 1440p | 60 FPS. For Extreme settings, PC gamers are going to need a beastly system that consists of an Intel CORE i9-9900K, 16GB of ram and an NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti. This will allow those enthusiasts to achieve 4K | 60 FPS gaming nirvana. Click through the image below to see a larger spec chart.

Metro Exodus will support Ray Traced Global Illumination on NVIDIA's range of RTX cards. In the coming days, 4A will release RTX-specific performance profiles.

Posted by cageymaru January 25, 2019 7:22 PM (CST)