Pirated Final Fantasy XV Runs Better Than Purchased

Posted by Kyle 7:59 AM (CDT)

Tuesday March 13, 2018

The Dark Side of Gaming is reporting that the pirated version of Final Fantasy XV has shows some significant performance differences from the version you would purchase via Steam. A lot of this looks at load times for the game and maps contained within, however performance using a spinning data drive while actually gaming, looks to be hampered as well. Yea DRM? The video of the testing is below, however not terribly exciting. Thanks @cageymaru.

In conclusion, the pirated version of Final Fantasy XV runs better than the Steam version. We don’t know whether this is due to the Denuvo anti-tamper tech or due to optimization issues that can be resolved via a future patch. The point is that the pirated version has significantly less stuttering, loads way faster, and runs better/faster as it is not plagued by the unoptimized scenes that we’ve witnessed in the Steam version!