AMD - NVIDIA and GPU Development Deceleration

Posted by Kyle 8:10 AM (CDT)

Tuesday March 13, 2018

DigiTimes is usually a solid source for GPU news out of Taiwan, and today it has a couple of interesting statements that pertain to the GPU market. First and foremost, DigiTimes states that both AMD and NVIDIA "have both been decelerating the developments of their new GPU architectures and prolonging their existing GPU platforms' lifecycle." While rumored speculation has NVIDIA releasing it next-gen Turing GPU releasing everywhere from yesterday to next year, little fact is still known on this, but DigiTimes says today that Turing will not go into mass production till Q318. As for AMD's next-gen Navi, we are firmly betting on 2019.

The story also has an interesting statement as to NVIDIA controlling sales of its current GPUs.

Nvidia has recently started placing restrictions on its downstream graphics card partners, forbiding[sic] them to publicly promote cryptocurrency mining activities or actively sell its consumer graphics cards to miners, the sources said. Nvidia hopes to shift its main sales target back to consumers in the gaming market, the sources added.

While I am sure no hardware enthusiasts and gamers are going to feel bad about that if it is truly happening, but let's just keep in mind how far NVIDIA is willing to go to control the GPU market as we have seen with it GeForce Partner Program.