Tesla Foul-Up Causes Global Shortage of Cylindrical Batteries

Posted by Montu 12:05 PM (CST)

Wednesday December 06, 2017

Tesla's giant Gigafactory is having big trouble ramping up battery production and they are having to buy batteries from Panasonic to put in their cars. As a result of their ineptitude this is causing a global shortage because Tesla sucked up all of the materials to make them from around the globe, but they aren't producing batteries. They better figure out their power issues and somehow overcome the fact that people don't want to work way out in the middle of the desert. Overall, this is just one more Tesla foul-up.

According to industries, Gigafactory has not had normal operation for many months due to unstable supply of power and extreme shortage of manpower. Since a battery (100kWh) used for single Tesla ‘Model S’ can be used to produce 200 electric bicycles, previous customers are taking significant blows.