Phantom Auto Plans Remote-Control Centers For Autonomous Cars

Posted by Montu 1:55 PM (CST)

Wednesday December 06, 2017

Phantom Auto is developing a system that will allow remote human operators to take over for autonomous cars (WARNING auto play video) that run into a challenging environment. According to Phantom, the remote operator can take over in approximately 30 seconds and maneuver the vehicle through a tight spot. Of course this requires the vehicle to be stopped and it won't allow operation above 25 mph. How well this will work is still to be seen, but there are probably some unusual road conditions where this might do the trick.

"We collaborated with NASA and used some of the technology it developed to remotely assist and manage interplanetary rovers," she said. "We believe for quite some years we will need to be able to assist autonomous vehicles with a human in the loop. There are many situations today that current (artificial intelligence) cannot understand."