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Posted by Kyle 3:44 PM (CST)

Wednesday December 06, 2017

Mecklenburg County in North Carolina, with a population of around 900,00 good folks, is taking it right in the pooper today thanks to some enterprising hackers. It seems that someone left the door open and has allowed 48 of its 500 servers to be infected with LockCrypt Ransomware. County officials are now kicking around paying the bandits $23,000 in Bitcoin. Guess they had better get those other 452 servers mining quickly! Thanks cageymaru.

"We are open for business, and we are slow, but there’s no indication of any data loss or that personal information was compromised," Diorio said. Hackers typically don’t steal data but encrypt it, placing it out of reach of the owners until ransom is paid.

The county has been in contact with the hackers, she said. "We have not made a decision whether or not to make the payment," Diorio said. The county hopes to make a decision by the end of Wednesday.