China Has Launched the World’s First All-Electric Cargo Ship

Posted by Montu 8:20 AM (CST)

Wednesday December 06, 2017

China launched an all-electric cargo ship that supposedly takes 2 hours to charge and has a range of 50 miles at it's top speed of 8 mph. While this sounds cool the irony of the situation is it's going to be used to haul coal to power generating stations along the Pearl River. It's going to lower their price for hauling the coal, but it's helping to further pollute the air with that coal. Quite the quandary if you ask me.

The new ship has two primary benefits. First, it will emit no carbon emissions while underway. Cargo vessels tend to be some of the biggest carbon pollution sources in the entire transportation sector. Second, it will lower the cost of transportation for bulk cargoes because the price of electricity is lower than the price of diesel fuel