Brave Software Will Give you Crypto Tokens to Use Their Browser

Posted by Montu 1:15 PM (CST)

Wednesday December 06, 2017

Brave Software, creators of the Brave ad-blocking browser, is giving away 300,000 free crypto tokens if you use their browser. The only catch is these tokens can't be used anywhere but on their platform. However, the idea behind the browser is pretty cool and it supposedly loads webpages 2 to 8.7 times faster depending on the site. This might be something to check into if you want to reduce your vulnerability to malware and other nasties.

Brave’s BAT tokens ("basic attention tokens") are an attempt to solve the slow load times, annoyance, and invasion of privacy internet users experience on ad-serving browsers. Users get an ad-free experience on the Brave browser, and in exchange they’re expected to help compensate publishers for their content by purchasing and distributing BAT tokens to their favorite content sites and YouTube creators.