Dust 2 Gets Update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Posted by seth 9:43 PM (CDT)

Wednesday October 11, 2017

Because you asked for it. Valve with their infinite wisdom has decided to update de_dust2 for CS:GO. With a fresh coat of the paint, the map has been refined to bring the visuals in line with the modern maps. Dark "camping" spots were lit and certain obstacles while not disrupting the original flow of the map. Additionally, the character models for the terrorist side have been upgraded at a higher resolution with more detail.

A number of overly dark spots in Tunnels have been addressed with natural light pouring in by way of a crumbling, torn away roof. The broken down car at the bomb site has also been moved a bit, allowing a more free player flow around it. The break in the wall, 'Window', has now been widened and the movement brushes around it relaxed...